Snow Clearing and Gritting Services

With the severity of winter weather causing more disruptions in the UK, Mark Walker (GM) has invested in specialist ice and snow clearing and gritting service equipment to cope with the most extreme conditions.

From site risk inspections to snow removal service, our teams are on-call 24 hours a day in emergency situations across Essex and Kent to restore access and ensure your site remains operational and open for business.

Equipped with the latest gritting machinery and using high quality, British rock salt and grit; our winter snow clearing services based in Hertfordshire have ensured the safe access and operations of schools, local authority and NHS Trust sites across the Kent and Essex areas and minimised the disruption of inclement weather.

We understand the impact that can be caused by winter weather and ensure adequate time and resources are scheduled into our gritting runs to guarantee a consistent, effective snow removal service that our clients have come to rely on. We analyse meteorological data from numerous sources across the Kent area to plan the optimum time to apply grit to maximise success, typically visiting sites after hours when full coverage in car parks can be achieved.

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To get a bespoke quote, or to make an enquiry about our gritting services, snow clearing or snow removal services, our team in Hertfordshire are always happy to help. Simply ring our number or complete our contact form here. We’ll respond as soon as possible.