As we enter the “growing season” you will now see that our service teams are back to their usual maintenance routines. Let’s hope that we start to have consistency with the weather soon!

To view our completed schedule for March, please click here.

To view our schedule for April please click here. Unforeseen circumstances such as unplanned staff absence due to sickness can affect our planned schedules, however, we rectify any delay at the earliest opportunity.

Is there anything that we can improve upon? Is there any feedback regarding our service that you wish to share with us? If so, please do not hesitate to contact your Contract Manager, James Hamblin on 0333 220 5485 or email

To view when we plan to carry out maintenance tasks during the year, click here. Please note the timings of some of these tasks, such as hedge cutting and shrub pruning, can be delayed due to us following horticultural best practice with certain species of hedges and shrubs. Birds nesting can affect the timings of hedge cutting also.

Please click here to be directed to CHS Group Gardening Service website page.